Passed first time
Superb driving instructor. Had a test cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances but Rob rebooked in and taught me continually up until my test making me feel very comfortable indeed. LDC system works a treat and really helps with manoeuvres. Thanks Rob highly recommend!

Passed second time
After having 2 tests cancelled due to the snow Rob kept me relaxed and my driving up to scratch really feel I’ve learned a life skill and will be safe will on the road! Many thanks Rob

Passed first time
After taking my time and doing weekly lessons I am so pleased I passed first time. Rob taught me well and helped keep me calm. Enjoyed my lessons and would defiantly recommend Rob.

Passed first time
Having driving experience before hand I just needed time in the car and reassuring which Rob did very well. Thanks Rob

Passed second time
You are an excellent, straight to the point instructor. Really calm and patient which is exactly what I needed, felt at ease straight away. Would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. You are awesome 😊 thank you for everything.

Passed previously had an auto license
I would highly recommend learning with Rob he is friendly, polite and accommodating. He is also a very patient and reassuring person which helps massively.

Passed first time
Having come to Rob with a bit of experience from family I was pleased on the way he picked up and corrected my mistakes and bad habits! Very relaxed and good fun. Thanks Rob

Passed first time with an intensive
Rob's attitude towards teaching and driving are second to none. It was clear from the get go that Rob holds the LDC values at the heart of his lessons. As someone who had 0 experience with driving before lessons, I'm very glad to have chosen Rob as my instructor. Extra thanks go towards the hints and tips that'll ultimately prolong engine life too. Cheers Rob!

Thoroughly enjoyed my intensive course with Rob always happy and concentrated learning. The LD system made it easier than I expected and really helped understand subjects before having to tackle them. Nick unfortunately didn’t pass first time but we worked on and solved the issues! Proud to see you on the road!

Passed first time zero minors
Thanks for everything mate. Highly recommend you, great and honest instructor. Enjoyed using the LD system that really helped! Damien was a pleasure to teach and very relaxed behind the wheel. Nothing seemed to phase him! Passed first time with zero minors!

Passed first time
Rob has really helped me build my confidence in driving. Having had a few lessons from another instructor previously, I found Rob's teaching style to be very encouraging, constructive and helpful. I highly recommend Rob as an instructor! Sanaa had a lot of driving experience before joining me but still needed some work always enjoyed our lessons and thoroughly deserved the first time pass!

Passed first time
Thanks to Rob for teaching me to drive always had fun you’re an excellent teacher and will be getting my brother to go with you next year! Elliot was an excellent student and very quick learner! Pleasure to teach!

Passed first time
A thoroughly complete driving experience, very professional from start to pass! Always on time and very good value for money, easy to understand instructions and I was made to feel valued and relaxed throughout the tuition, overall a very good instructor and company. Matts first time pass with only 2 minors was extremely satisfy and very well deserved!

Passed first time
Initially being a nervous driver Rob was great in helping me build my confidence up. His patience and guidance were key to helping me pass! Carla’s confidence came on so well and was a pleasure to teach!

Amelia had some unfortunate luck with illness but came back to test fighting strong. Very comfortable driver and safe as houses. (Unfortunately didn’t want a picture or comments) even so excellent driver!

Passed after some struggles
Having failed multiple times before learning with rob, my confidence in my driving was at rock bottom. Robs calm and friendly way of teaching meant that not only did I refine my driving skills but his belief in my driving helped me gain confidence in my ability as a driver and stay calm and collected on my test.

Passed first time
Robert was a fantastic driving instructor. The whole process from booking online, to the daily pick ups, to coaching before the test itself and the support around all of it was top notch. I booked online as I live abroad and so Robert was friendly, informative, structured and considerate and thanks to his fantastic intensive course using the LD system I was able to pass first time. He picked me up from an address near Oxford each day and dropped me off afterwards, and for the test itself drove me there, coached through and recapped afterwards. I also had follow up lessons on motorway skills which really went above and beyond my expectations of what he would provide. A massive thank you to Robert and I could not recommend him more to anyone who is thinking of getting on the road!

Kieran CarterKieran Carter
Excellent driving test
Robert is a calm and collected instructor and helped me after not passing my first test very well indeed. Kieran is an excellent driver and very persistent! Huge congrats and have fun on your road trips with your kids!

Tamsine JamesTamsine James
After a long bumpy road Rob really helped me. Pleasure to be taught by and really looked forward to each and every meeting. The LD system was good to go through at home it gives some insight before the lesson which helped me so much!

Joshua WilkesJoshua Wilkes
Passed first time
Rob helped me hone in my skills that I had previously been taught and showed me a couple of news things as well! Really enjoyable to work with!

Passed first time
Rob made everything feel so natural even when we was doing completely new stuff. Stayed calm all the time and made the whole experience very enjoyable. Thanks Rob

Passed first time
Rob is one terrific instructor, he keeps calm all the time and the lessons are always well structured and under control. I used the LD system although found it a bit distracting at times but Rob then changed things up for me and continued as normal. Highly recommended.

Passed 2 minors
Rob is a brilliant instructor, really helped me a lot and I really enjoyed learning to drive.

Lucy DuttonLucy Dutton
I had my training between Rob and another LDC instructor but the LD system worked wonders with both.

Catherine DaleCatherine Dale
Passed second attempt!
Very well planned course, the LD system works wonders in helping understanding and Rob was very friendly and accommodating! Rob is very good to have a joke with as well as learn which I think makes it easier! Throughly enjoyed the course and would do it all over again! Also Rob booked and paid for my second test because I failed my first at the end of the course which really did shock me.

Ashley KinghamAshley Kingham
Passed with 3 minors
Robert is the best instructor anyone could ask for. He is so flexible with times and is always by your side. Very committed to using the excellent LD system to make me a safe driver and get me through my test. Definitely recommended by me. Thanks Rob

Maike Schmict Maike Schmict
Passed with 1 minor
Rob is a really calm instructor who worked well with me to teach me how to drive safely which is the LD systems way. Really enjoyed learning to drive. Even after I failed my first test Rob stayed calmed and helped me realise my mistake and grow to be a better driver. Thank you.

Caroline CorkeCaroline Corke
Passed first time
The LD system is great for students who want to learn quickly and cost effectively, as it allows you to get to grips with concepts at using the course materials before then putting them into practice with your instructor. Rob is a great instructor - very understanding and patient! I would definitely recommend him to friends and colleagues (especially those who are nervous drivers or lack confidence). All around a very positive learning experience.

Passed first time
Rob's been a brilliant instructor, always really calm and patient. His teaching definitely helped me pass quickly and on my first attempt. Would recommend Rob to others, thanks so much!

Shaun CoxShaun Cox
Passed first time with me!
Pleasant environment to learn in really helped calm me down. Really good instructor and with the help of the LD system really showed me how much easier and better things can be done. Always had a lot of fun when out in the car with Rob.

Jamie ArberryJamie Arberry
Passed first time with one minor
Robert is an excellent driving instructor, very accommodating in terms of lesson times and dates. Beautifully organised and structured driving course help as well by the LD system which works wonders. Always a clean and calm environment when inside the car. Overall incredibly happy with the whole experience and the LD system.

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